Introduction of Victory Aluminium Profiles Surface Treatment


Introduction of Victory Aluminium Profiles Surface Treatment

The most common surface treatments for aluminum profiles include oxidation, electrophoretic coating, fluorine spraying, powder spraying and so on.
Aluminum profiles are aluminum materials with different cross-sectional shapes made by hot melting and extrusion. The production process of aluminum profiles mainly includes three processes: melting, extrusion and coloring.

The surface treatment of aluminum profile is divided into:

  • Anodized aluminum: the surface of the profile is oxidized by anodizing, electrolytic coloring or organic coloring.
  • Electrophoresis coating aluminum: the surface of the profile is combined with anodizing and electrophoresis.
  • Powder sprayed aluminum: the surface of the profile is coated with thermosetting organic polymer powder.
  • Fluorocarbon paint sprayed aluminum: the surface of the profile is coated with polyvinylidene fluoride paint. At present, the commonly used heat-insulating profiles are aluminum profiles using strips or castables.


Aluminium profiles surface treatment key indicators

  • The appearance quality of aluminium profiles surface treatment:

Generally speaking, the surface of anodized profiles is not allowed to have defects such as electric burning and peeling of the oxide film.

The paint film after electrophoresis, powder, and fluorocarbon profile should be uniform, clean, and flat, and free of wrinkles, cracks, bubbles, flow marks, inclusions, and peeling and other paint film effect defects.

However, within the scope of use, the end of the profile 80 mm is allowed to be partially free of film.

The appearance quality of the aluminum profile surface treatment will affect the aluminum alloy building profile and the architectural decoration effect. Therefore, the surface of the factory profile must be coated to avoid surface scratches, collisions and corrosion during transportation and stacking.

  • Wall thickness:

The wall thickness of the profile is one of the main factors affecting the strength of the workpiece. The main profile is the stressed part of the project. For example, the minimum nominal wall thickness of the outer window main profile shall not be less than 1.4mm.

  • Film thickness of aluminium profiles surface treatment:

Extruded aluminum alloy profile, its surface itself is not strong in corrosion resistance, so the surface of the aluminum profile should be treated to increase the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and aesthetic appearance of the aluminum profile.

Surface treatment film thickness of aluminum profiles: the film thickness of industrial anodized aluminum materials is generally 12um, the thickness of electrophoretic coating aluminum film is divided into aBS, and the minimum local surface thickness of powder sprayed aluminum decorative coating is more than 40um.

  • Chemical composition and mechanical properties:

The chemical composition and mechanical properties of aluminum alloy profiles can be produced according to customer needs.

  • Colour difference:

When selecting the number of alloy plates and the supply status, the influence of chromatic aberration on the building structure should be considered.

  • Anti-salt spray corrosion, abrasion, waiting and mortar, etc.:

This is an important technical parameter of aluminium alloy profile, which reflects the properties of aluminium alloy profiles and influences the use.


Characteristics and properties of various aluminium profiles surface treatment processes:

  • Electrophoretic coating aluminium profile:

The surface gloss of electrophoretic coating is soft, it can resist the penetration of cement and slurry acid rain, 90% of the aluminium profiles are electrophoretic paint.

  • Powder electrostatic spraying aluminium profile:

Powder electrostatic spraying profile is characterized by excellent corrosion resistance and acid and alkali salt fog.

  • Plasma-enhanced electrochemical surface ceramic profile:

This kind of profile is the most advanced processing technology in the world. The products are of good quality but high cost. It has more than 20 kinds of tonal, its biggest characteristic is according to need to be like a printing cloth to be lubricious, the surface of shape material is profusion, adornment effect is very good.


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