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Xiamen Victory Aluminum Manufacturer,Chinese Factory Of Aluminum Profiles&Accessories

Introduction About Xiamen Victory Aluminum Solar Mount Manufacturer

Xiamen Victory Aluminum is the member of CORIGY SOLAR GROUP,it’s one of the biggest aluminum solar mount  manufacturer,designer and supplier of aluminum alloy profiles and solar mounting systems in China.Our main products includes ground mounting system,tile roof solar mounting system,tin roof solar racking,flat roof solar mounting,carport solar mount,solar accessories,etc.

We have China’s first-class factory, equipment, and several years experience in Solar Industry.

As a result of this, we can provide complete solar mount products and customized services.

xiamen victory aluminum manufacturer extrusion workshop



First of all, the factory covers an area of more than 150,000 square meters, and secondly, we have more than 400 employees.

In addition,we have many workshops such as below:

  • Melting and casting workshop
  • Extrusion workshop
  • Spraying workshop
  • Anodizing workshop
  • Deep processing workshop
  • Sheet metal workshop
  • Warehouse
  • Scheduling center

Among them, there are 9 extrusion production lines, as well as the production equipment is made in Germany, Switzerland, and South Korea, and the production process is basically automated.

Therefore, our factory has an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons of high-quality aluminum alloy profiles, solar mounting structures and can provide customers with custom aluminum products  and OEM service.


Production Period

Speaking of production period,with large aluminum extrusion and surface treatment capacity,normally we can delivery aluminum products including solar racking systems at around 2 weeks.


Mould Opening

First of all, we have nearly 20,000 sets of various industrial profile molds and have accumulated rich experience in the field of precision aluminum profiles and solar accessories.
At the same time, we can provide OEM, ODM, JDM customized services for aluminum solar mount products.
In addition, for custom aluminum alloy extrusion profile and solar mount  service, we can open a new mold within 10 days.

xiamen victory aluminum manufacturer mould workshop

Raw Materials

We have extremely high quality requirements for our products. Therefore, we only purchase A00 pure aluminum ingots from major domestic aluminum producing areas as well as high quality.

xiamen victory aluminum manufacturer aluminum bar


 xiamen victory aluminum manufacturer aluminum ingot

Melting &Casting

We have 5 melting and casting production lines,can produce alloy grades such as 6061, 6063, 6463, 6060, 6005, 6082, 5052.

xiamen victory aluminum manufacturer melting line


We use aluminum rods with diameters of Φ254, Φ178, Φ120, Φ105, as well as Φ90 in order to meet the requirements of different cross-sections and meter weights,which is very big to produce the solar carport systems.

As a result, we can produce various aluminum profiles and PV racks with the largest circumscribed circle diameter of 360mm.

xiamen victory aluminum manufacturer extrusion line

Surface Treatment

We have a very complete surface treatment equipment, under these conditions,we can not only do regular surface treatment, but also special surface treatment such as black anodizing of solar mount components.

There are some surface treatments we can do,such as:

  • Anodic oxidation
  • Electrostatic powder spraying
  • Fluorocarbon spraying
  • Electrophoresis champagne
  • 3D wood grain
  • Electrophoresis drawing
  • Wood grain transfer

Among them,anodizing Line can produce the aluminum profiles with the Max Length 6.7 meters,and the Max thickness film 25um.For solar mounting structures components,the anodizing treatment is average 12um.

Fluorocarbon System is fully automated,furthermore,it can produce aluminum profiles and solar rails  up to 7 meters.

For solar rack rails,the length can be customized according to the customer’s requests.



xiamen victory aluminum manufacturer powder coating line


xiamen victory aluminum manufacturer wooden grain equipment


Furthermore,our processing capabilities include CNC, stamping, riveting, rolling, bending, as well as welding.

These equipments ensure us to perfectly satisfy the needs of solar mounting OEM services.

xiamen victory aluminum manufacturer fabrication machines


Last but not the least,we have a warehouse area of more than 10,000 square meters, which can store a large amount of inventory.

Therefore,customers who place orders on a regular basis, we can provide free warehousing services to greatly increase the delivery speed and help customers save costs and win the market.

xiamen victory aluminum solar mount manufacturer warehouse

xiamen victory aluminum manufacturer profiles inventory

Main Business

What’s more,Xiamen Victory Aluminum Solar Mount Manufacturer works on Ground Mounting Systems,Tile Roof Solar mount,Metal Roof Solar Mount,Flat Roof Solar Mount,Solar Accessories,Solar Carport Systems,Balcony Solar Mount Structures,RV Solar Bracket,ect.


Main Market

Our aluminum solar mount products are mainly sold in China and Japan, Korea,Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Africa and other places.

Advantages of Xiamen Victory Aluminum  Solar Mount Manufacturer

In addition, our aluminum solar mounting systems have many advantages, such as

  • High strength
  • Light weight
  • Good stability
  • Good plasticity
  • Small deformation
  • Strong fire resistance
  • Long service life


Welcome to visit Xiamen Victory Aluminum,please contact our staff at sales@corigy.com