Why is the Slot Width of T-slot Aluminum Profiles Different?

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Why is the Slot Width of T-slot Aluminum Profiles Different?

T-slot aluminum profiles have many benefits. The shape of T-slot profile creates modularity. It is easy to assemble and reassemble to meet evolving requirements. But careful friends will find that not all T-slot width of profiles is the same, Why?

It’s known the T-slot provides the ability to add connections and join profiles to captivated ends. And the majority of profiles can combine with each other with connectors. The T-slot width will directly determine whether most fractional fittings can be used.

In term of Design: Small Cross-Section of T-slot aluminum profiles has a small slot. It looks better from the outside. Victory Aluminum’s 20 series profiles T-slot width is 6.2 mm, the extra 0.2 mm is for the M6 nut to pass through smoothly.

victory aluminum profiles

In term of Light-Heavy Loading: The light-duty frameworks use the profiles in slot width 6 mm. The heavy-duty frameworks use the profiles in slot width 8 mm.

In China, most fractional 30 series profiles’ slot width is 8 mm, but many other countries use 6 mm slot width. Both two specifications are gainable at Victory Aluminum.


What Should I Pay Attention to When Choosing T-slot Aluminium Profiles?


The wide variety of T-slot Aluminium profiles ensures that we offer a profile to cover virtually any application. Selecting which profiles are right for your applications? It may be a question of function, appearance, strength, or a combination of all the above.

Before choosing the appropriate aluminum profiles, you need to consider the expected load firstly. By calculating the stress caused by material strain, you can get the correct size of the profiles.

When installing accessories, you should avoid profile cracking.

If you have problems choosing a profile or accessory, please get in touch with us. We would be glad to assist you with detailed advice.


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