40X40L T-Slot Extrusion Aluminum Tube Profile

40X40L T-Slot Extrusion Aluminum Tube Profile

Item No.:IP4040-L


Color:Silver Or Black Anodized

Standard Length:5.8m

Customize Available,please contact email:sales@vametalsupply.com

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40X40L T-Slot Extrusion Aluminum Tube Profile

Xiamen Victory Aluminum is a leading professional manufacturer, designer and supplier of T-slot extrusion aluminum tube profiles and accessories in China. We provide a full range of aluminum alloy profile products. So customer can find all they need here.

We are able to do all surface treatments for aluminum profile. General customers always need silver and black oxidation treatment for channel profiles. And we have rich experience with this.

Generally, our delivery time is within 1 to 4 weeks, but depending on the order quantity. Customer can receive their order very soon.

Regarding packaging, our standard packaging has a excellent protection for goods during transportation. Most importantly, we can not only customize the goods, but also customize the packaging with the buyer’s logo.

Our products are diverse, well-made and widely used. Among them, T-slot series are most popular.

In addition, we also provide free samples, free molds service for customer. So that customer can confirm our quality before place an formally order.

40X40L T-Slot Extrusion Aluminum Tube Profile

40X40L T-Slot Extrusion Aluminum Tube Profile

40X40L T-Slot Extrusion Aluminum Tube Profile

Item No. IP4040-L
Slot Width 8.2 mm
Weight 1.46 kg/m
Moment of Inertia lx: 9.25 cm4 ly: 9.25 cm4
Section Modulus zx: 4.86 cm3 zy: 4.86 cm3

Specifications of 40X40L T-Slot Extrusion Aluminum Tube Profile

T-slot height: 14.5 mm, Section size: 40 mm × 40 mm, Hole: φ6.8 mm.

4040L profile’s wall thickness is only 1.3 mm (L stands for light); weight is 1.46 kg/m, so it’s one of the lightest in 40 series. It’s widely used to the framework structure with less tension and strength, the matching accessories are M8 screw or bolt & nut that almost the same with 4040 profile.

Due to weak bearing force, 4040L only suits for small or less strength frame structure, but one of its benefits is a cheap price. Maybe you need larger bearing capacity of aluminium profiles in 40 series, 4040W is a great choice. More questions please directly contact us.

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The order process is as follows:

1. First of all, buyers provide us detailed PDF or CAD drawings or provide samples.
2. Secondly, we quoted price according to the buyer’s drawings or samples.
3. Later, buyers confirm the order after we quote.
4. Then our engineer team draw CAD drawings.
5. Following, the buyer confirms the drawings of our company.
6. Our company designs and manufactures aluminum extrusion molds to make samples according to the drawings confirmed by customers.
7. The buyer confirms the sample
8. We begin the mass production after comfirmation.

The product quality is implemented according to the GB/T5237-2008 aluminum alloy profile high-precision and ultra-high-precision standards.

Customized Service

Xiamen Victory Aluminum provides one-stop aluminum customization services, including manufacturing, painting, assembly as well as glazing of aluminum profile. And we ensure to provide the best services as quickly as possible to meet the wishes of developers, architects, consultants, designers and expert contractors when they request to conceive buildings or projects.



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In addition, we also provide customized aluminum extrusion profile and aluminum accessories.  And if you have any needs, please contact our email:sales@vametalsupply.com